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Youth and Under 23 Thread

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Not sure but seems a shame. Hopefully he can recover, quite interested to see his progression to be honest

duvva 💅:
U18s FA Cup date confirmed 3rd Feb £3 a ticket.

Do many follow the U18s away to places as far a field as Ipswich. Just wondering if Iíll be more or less on my own?

Know there'd been some talk about our youth cup performances, but just seen Chelsea got knocked out away to Cambridge.

Also u21s are on LFCTV tonight. So they can show them if it's at the same time as theFa Cup, but still not premier league games it seems

Boston always unofficial:
Here's the line up.

Now to find a stream.

Boston always unofficial:
Should be ahead 0-0. Blair looking good on the right and midfield alert Luca Stephenson playing well.


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