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Thank you sir :D



--- Quote from: Frostymo, laaaaa! on November 16, 2022, 04:48:12 pm ---Definitely in recent years. Brewster, Glatzel, Layton Stewart, Gordon. All out for like a full year as well at least.

--- End quote ---

Is their any hope for Glatzel, Stewart or Cannonier (he is currently still out ?) ?. We dont seem to have any luck with forwards coming through :/

[new username under construction]:
Saturday LFCTV Live: Liverpool U18 v Sunderland 12:00

unless it's been moved etc?

Boston always unofficial:
Sunderland top so we need to show up for this after 2 straight defeats.Dunno if i'm awake for a 7 a.m start.


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