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Did it after Istanbul and loved it. At the time it was done for the kids but i think i was the most excited on the day ;D

I must admit i learned alot about Anfield on the tour, and i thought i was pretty clued up.

double helix:
Do they have guided tours,where in a tour guide will actually give a lesson in our club's history? if we can atleast hire someone, it will be great.Does anyone know of any LFC club tour guides around???

Did it in 2005 (pre Istanbul) and it was great.
Went again last summer as a kind of post athens excorcism.

It helped.

Went there when I was about 10 or 11 ... I ended up dropping my Liverpool Encyclopedia in the team bath. I have no idea why I was carrying it around come to think of it. Hell of a trip though. Got a cracking photo of me n my Dad touching the This Is Anfield sign.

Went last season however it was the day before a match so it was only a mini tour, which means you can't go into the changing rooms or out on pitchside, still a great experience but I've got to do the full one.


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