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Went when I was about 6 or 7, really enjoyed it, been meaning to go again

Any liverpool supporter has to do it before we leave the ground

Did it this summer, it was fantastic, and like 1/6 the price of a tour of the Tower of London... guess which one was better.

Did it about 5 years ago, it's cool listening to the guide telling stories about what former players used to get up to in the dressing room.  Coming down the tunnel touching the This is Anfield sign (when they play the noise of the crowd signing YNWA, the same as the players hear it when the ground is full!!)  and sitting in the duggout were the highlights for me.  Enjoy it mate.

Benimar Col:
went in late 2001 , had the pleasure of having photos taken with the 5 trophies residing in the museum which was the highlight, interesting pieces in the museum aswell from yester year

im sure youll enjoy it


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