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Steve McManaman - Legend or big time charlie????????

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Thought shaggy was great for us,was gutted when he left,and while I was angry at the time I dont hold it against him these days.

Father Ted:
I was hoping he'd have gone bald by now, unfortunately not.

Very good player for us at the time, but not a legend.

JamesG L4:
Seems to be dealing with an advanced case of split personality, also known as schizophrenia. When he is asked a question you can see the demons battle in his head, sometimes the glory and tradition of our club wins out and his response is well thought out while never overly pandering. However, sometimes the ugly County Road sock robbing mongrel monster from within awakes and starts spewing two bit answers with dark resonance and ferel intent.

Plus he is starting to look a little frigging stupid, his big fat Venus Williams thighs splayed out there on some two bit channel in the outside of nowhere - his offensive ball sack twitching for all to see - fingers clasped together as he has read in his favourite 'How To Look Like You Mean It' self help book - his curious greasy hair making him look like the fat David Platt with a wig on. Does my head in to be honest.

In conclusion; dirty blue attempting to suck up to blues to make up for playing for us, but totally fucking great player who would have worked like a dream with Gerrard.

Horrible Blue Twat: You can just smell it.

He was the ultimate Spice Boy. A lousy trainer, by all accounts. Which is fine because he was so naturally talented that he could still perform. The problem was that all the other players thought that they could do the same as him. Compared to other Liverpool number 7s he is closer to Nigel Clough that Kenny in my opinion. At least Vladi cared about Liverpool.


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