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LOL @ Cyn.

But I like Custard! 8)

Cally,what a player,what a gentleman,never stopped running,will always remember his cross for the Saint to score the winner v Leeds in the 1965 FA cup final.
Look after yourself Cally lad!

the 92A:
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Andy G:
I have posted this in another thread, but it also seems apt in this one.

A couple of excerpts from a book I am writing for the kids about our family and LFC.

16 September 1963   Liverpool v Wolverhampton Wanderers.  Anfield Stadium, League Div. 1 - Won 6:0

Ian Callaghan made his 84th out of a record 857 appearances for Liverpool.  He also scored his 5th goal of the 50 he scored in total.  There is not much else I can tell you about that match as I have had to look it up.  The reason the game is important is because it was the first game that Liverpool played after the death of my grandmother on my Mum’s side.  My Mum, along with her younger brother, my Uncle Tony and her sister my Auntie Lynne were orphaned on 8th September 1963.  When I looked up this game, I was very chuffed that Ian Callaghan scored because the following day, it was he who came round to the family house (then in Heswall) wearing a beige jumper, underneath which he had a box of Milk Tray for the ready to turn 14, Auntie Lynne.  He had heard about my Grandma’s death from a neighbour with whom he was good friends, and had made the effort to pop ‘round with this little gift.  Ignoring everything Ian did for us, from winning our first FA Cup to winning our first European Cup, he is a total legend in my eyes simply for this one action, and I will always thank him for this ‘little’ effort that meant so much.

15 May 2011  Liverpool v Tottenham Hotspur. Anfield Stadium, Premier League – Lost 2-0

Like Norwich in 1994 for the Kops Last Stand, Spurs didn’t read the script.  Uncle Michael’s last match was the perfect performance  when we battered Nottingham Forest 5-0.  My last game as a Season Ticket holder was the 2-1 victory against Spurs.  Dad’s (and Paul’s) last game as a Season Ticket Holder was a dismal defeat, also against Spurs.

Not all was gloomy though.  As you know from reading thus far, Ian Callaghan has a special place in our hearts, not just because he played more games for Liverpool than any other.  Not just because he is the only player to make it from the 2nd Division to European Cup Winner with the Reds, but also his wonderful gesture of bringing the chocolates to my Auntie Lynne after my Grandma died.

With it being his last game,  I wondered who he would most like to meet, and Cally was the obvious choice.  Through a kind contact on RAOTL, I managed to arrange a meeting with the great man.  I would have loved to have been there, but it was not possible, but Paul was just as capable so I knew Dad was in safe hands.

Paul told Dad that he had to meet a mate in the Main Stand, so Dad went with him.  After walking past the European Cup (and the obligatory photo), they entered one of the Anfield suites.  Dad spotted Ian straight away and said to Paul “Oh, there’s Ian Callaghan”.  Cally immediately made a beeline for them and with outstretched hands said “You must be Eddie”.  Dad was totally shocked and Paul gave Cally a trophy to award to dad for 69 years of watching the Reds.  During the conversation, Dad, without prompting, mentioned the visit to Heswall and thanked Ian for this, telling him what it meant to our family.  He even mentioned the box of chocolates.  With that, Paul produced a box of Chocolates and gave them to Cally.  Whilst he could not remember the incident itself, he could remember his friend in Heswall that had told him about the family tragedy and he was delighted with the chocolates which he would “give to my daughter – she will love that story”.

We knew that Cally was on duty looking after the corporate guests and so appreciated his efforts even more, and after 10 minutes he had to return to his duties.  I cannot express how much this wonderful man means to our family, both on and off the football field.  God Bless Ian Callaghan.

I was honoured enough to meet 'Cally' at a LFC Stadium tour and meal last year, and absolute bloody star he was. So laid back and down to earth and completely happy to stand and chat and have as many photo's taken as people wanted. The word legend is thrown about all to often these days, but in Ian Callaghan we absolutely do have a legend amongst us.


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