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Anelka rules out English return
Anelka had a spell on loan at Liverpool
Fenerbahce striker Nicolas Anelka insists he is happy in Turkey and not seeking a return to the Premiership.
The 26-year-old Frenchman has been linked with Newcastle and Everton and was quoted as saying he wanted a return to England.

But Anelka, who is under contract until 2008, ruled out moving to Everton due to his previous spell at Liverpool.

"I'm very happy at Fenerbahce and plan to stay until the end of my contract," he told the Turkish club's website.

"A club that wants me would have to speak to Fenerbahce. Because my contract is there. The club hasn't told me of any offer."

Anelka was brought to England by Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger in 1997 and flourished at Highbury before leaving for Real Madrid.

He returned to England for a loan spell at Liverpool before joining Manchester City.

The forward was sold to Fenerbahce for 7m in January last year but was recently quoted in the Daily Star newspaper as saying: "I don't want to waste my time any more in the Turkish Championship.

"I want to return to the Premiership and would like it to be at Newcastle."

However he has now told L'Equipe that Everton would be wasting their time with any approach to Fenerbahce.

"I wore Liverpool's shirt and I will never wear Everton's," he said. "Until the end of this season, I will stay at Fenerbahce. I am very happy here."

Got to love the guy for the last bit.  ;D

Fair play to him. Don't think we'd see too many others saying that.

from Sky:

Fenerbahce striker Nicolas Anelka has told Everton to "stop dreaming" about signing him.

The Frenchman has denied he is returning to The Premiership this month and insists he will never wear the blue of Liverpool's local rivals following his short spell at Anfield.

Newcastle United have also been linked with a bid for the ex-Arsenal attacker but he has already stressed he will remain in Istanbul for the time being.

"Having played at Liverpool, it is absolutely impossible I could go to Everton," he told L'Equipe. "Above all, with what is happening at the moment.

"I won't join a smaller club than Fenerbahce.

"It would be nice if Everton people would stop dreaming about my arrival because I will never go there.

"I repeat it - I have worn the Liverpool shirt and I will never wear the Everton one.

"Until the end of the season, I stay at Fenerbahce.

"I am perfectly fine here. The newspapers made me say I absolutely wanted to leave Turkey to go and play at Newcastle or Everton.

"The problem is I absolutely never talk to the English press!

"The last interview I gave was in L'Equipe [on January 3]."

That guy has finally gone up a bit in my estimation ;D

Always wondered what would have happened to him if we signed him instead of el-spit

if only................but not to be and we have to be happy woth our lot :)


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