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What Car Do You Own/Drive?

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Thanks for the info - the car itself is in pretty good nick - I leased it just before covid and did 3000 miles in about 3 months and since then its only gone up to 14,000 miles on the clock.
Prob needs alloys repairing where they have clipped kerb a few times but  not sure its worth the gamble to pay 20.5k for it to possibly make 1-1.5 at best if WBAC were offering between 17.8 and 19k the last few times I chekced.

I'll check motorway out though - thanks

--- Quote from: Nobby Reserve on September  5, 2023, 04:16:56 pm ---
I've done it - although not every lease has the option to buy at the end.

I've always sold privately, though, mostly through AutoTrader (even though I despise myself for using them as they're owned by some Tory c*nt, they're by far the biggest game in town for selling). Just be careful, as the arse has long fallen out of the private car sale market in terms of demand.

Not an end-of-lease car, but earlier this year we sold my wife's 9-year old car. We advertised it on Gumtree and AutoTrader at about 10-15% below what trade sellers were typically knocking very similar model/age/mileage/condition for. Not a squeak out of Gumtree in a fortnight and only tentative enquiries through AT. Then a dealer called me to say he had a buyer lined up and could they look at it the following day, offering a 200 deposit. I was a bit suspicious and declined to give my bank details for the deposit ( :D I said I'd not sell it until he looked at it). Saying that, I checked the company out and they seemed legit (and decently rated on Google/TrustPilot)

Him and two colleagues turned up the next day, were very professional. I went with one on a test drive and he did identify a fairly minor issue (I'd noticed it as well - needed a new brake disc/pad). They knocked me down 5% and transferred the money - once I confirmed receipt off they went.

They probably made 1k-1.5k on it.

I'd got quotes from both WBAC and Motorway. What we sold it for was still over 2k more than WBAC and over 1k more than Motorway.

WBAC especially is a total rip-off. They essentially just Britsh Car Auctions, so they make a mint on what they sell (I've been to a couple of BCA auctions and couldn't believe high high people go on the auctions, especially when you have to factor in VAT/commission.

--- End quote ---

JC the Messiah:
Still got my GR Yaris, coming up to 2 years of ownership.

Still the best car I've ever driven for b-road fun, and it's capability as a daily driver. It also still makes me giggle quite often!

Just got a new Skoda Octavia (2023 reg) with work, but it's a diesel and the BIK tax is a mofo (I'm in Ireland). Question is, I was chatting to another colleague later on and he has a load of just out the wrapping Citreon C5x's which may cost me less. 1st world problem I know, but the question is - Is the C5 anygood (again 2023 model). I've had Audi's, VW's, Ford's, shit loads, but never anything Citreon/French. Reviews look alright like.

(I'm not a car person - I normally drive a Toyota RAV4 2009 - never let me down, has had several pairs of new shoes, and a battery since 2017. Blinding car - best I've ever owned. Dragged the fucker all over Ireland, and has just been sound as).

Its always been my general understanding that French cars are generally not as well built as anything from the VW/Audi Group (which includes Skoda). Theyre also considerably uglier in my opinion :D

Id certainly be sticking with the Skoda if it was me.


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