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What Car Do You Own/Drive?

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"Santa Claus is wearing his shorts":

--- Quote from: .adam on May 12, 2023, 12:30:53 pm ---Plus if you hire a car abroad there is a good chance it'll be a manual and you won't know how to drive it.

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Another thing to consider is a lot of autos are heavier on fuel than a manual. Mines a 2.2D with a 6 speed auto and on a run I get about 47, the 2.0D manual will return 60 mpg. Around town it's worse and it's due to the autobox holding a gear longer than I'd like, I use manual mode to force earlier changes

I donít think I could go back to a manual after a year with my DSG box

Yeah Iíve had two years in my auto now and canít go back to manual

"Santa Claus is wearing his shorts":
I'd not choose a manual for my next car but been driving the wife's manual Astra for 5 months while sorting mine out and it's been easy enough. It's traffic jams where you really feel the benefit, my left leg used to be killing after a commute down the M6/M62 when I had my Sierra Sapphire

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Electric, one pedal, don't even have to use the brake. pfft


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