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What Car Do You Own/Drive?

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The Albert Cock:
whats the score with changing card so often helen?

i currently drive a 04 peugeot 206 s
Previously I have driven a m reg escort and j reg fiesta, got my wifes fro 12 months duew to her loosing her liscense with ill health.

I just get bored with things very quickly and I insist on changing them when im bored, I also crash alot ;D


--- Quote from: Dixon on August  8, 2005, 02:56:56 pm ---whats the score with changing card so often helen?

--- End quote ---

Blonde, woman driver, what do you expect?

*runs and hides*

Currently we have
Fiat "Ugly" - otherwise known as a Multipla, or a Popemobile. Only as it's a 6 seater and low insurance.

Fiat Brava

and me bike

Aprilia Habana

M(oaning) B(ecomes) E(mbarrassing):
I've got a BMW 320d which is a company car and a Laguna Initiale 2.0 D which is our family car (sat nav, leather, leccy everything).


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