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What Car Do You Own/Drive?

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Terry de Niro:
I drive/own a Volvo 740 estate as it's a nice big 7 seater family car. Also handy for shipping my gear from gig to gig.

So tell me what car do you own/drive?

Today I have a micra but in the last 10 months Ive had:-

A micra
A toyota avensis
A renault clio
A VW Polo
A citroen C3
A Vauxhall Corsa
and now back to a micra

was on autotrader last night looking at a Fiat Brava and a VW Polo, very tempted...

Bloody hell Helly.You crash more than you are given credit for.

A Ford Ka2, in a very strange colour ;D

I only wrote one of them off, the others I just didnt like after they had been repaired ;D


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