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The Liverpool experience - you'll know what i mean

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shut ya eyes and picture this....

you sat, in the kop, surrounded by 40 odd thousand other reds. flags waving, scarfs swaying, and banners being passed.

liverpool run out the tunnel, YNWA has just finished bellowing out over the tannoy (no its a public address alan partridge!!!)we are now in full voice. "Come ed redmen"....cheering, clapping, shouting, its all there. the individual player chants go out...

"Michael Owen scores our goals, hallelujah
Michael Owen scores our goals, hallelujah"

"Oh sami, sami,
sami, sami, sami, sami, hyypia"

"weve got a big pole in our goal..."

"John arne riise,
i wanna know how you scored that goal (Clapx8)"

"Henchoz, Henchoz
Henchoz Henchoz Henchoz
When we attack
He's always back
Henchoz Henchoz Henchoz"

etc, etc, etc....

liverpool into "The huddle"...."come ed redmen"..."come on liverpool"...the hairs are now standing right up on the back of your neck, you throat is tingling, and you feel warm with the excitement thats building up inside you, and a body tingling moment where you just think how proud you are to be a red.

the programme/echo/raotl/ttw&r gets rolled up and in the coat pocket, its time.
kick off, and now its started you can take a quick gulp, tell ya mate what ya think of todays line up, and the pro and cons of it, and quickly voice what you may have done different (if any).

"scouser tommy" starts off, (love it when we all stand united at "OOOOOOH I AM A LIVERPUDLIAN"). this then slowly pitters out towards the end, and one song after another kicks in...

"Allez allez, (Allez allez)
Allez allez, (Allez allez)
Gerard Houllier
Allez allez, (Allez allez)
Allez allez, (Allez allez)
Gerard Houllier"

"Oh when the Reds
Go marching in
Oh when the Reds
Go marching in
I wanna be in that number
Oh when the Reds
Go marching in"

"And it's Liv er pool
Liverpool FC
We're by FAR the greatest team
The world has ever seen"

Double-O L
Liverpool FC"

"We hate Nottingham Forest
We hate Everton too (They're **** !)
We hate Man United
But Liverpool we love you"

"We Love you Liverpool we do. We Love you Liverpool we do.
We Love you Liverpool we do. Oh Liverpool we love you. "


and many, many others...'the reds are coming up the hill boys', 'liverbird upon my chest', 'fields of anfield road'...etc.

its now unrelenting liverpool pressure, corners kick...."Liverpoooool, Liverpooooool", everyone stood up in anticipation of THAT sami header.

the songs are coming thick and fast, and plenty directed at the away fans and players, some new ones start of in small patches, and we try and pick them up quickly and pass them on round the ground.

half time....thank god for that....dying for a burst, those 5 pints of stella have done me no good!!!

quick bevvie, and butty, and back to the action...same as above.

liverpool on the attack, 74th minute, through ball from gerrard, (we're half on our feet)its gonna get to owen, no 1st touch, just a little dink over the oncoming goalkeeper, its in, kop end, 1-0 liverpool..."****ing get in there michael lad"....jumping up and down, screaming, grabbing anyone you can get hold of, kiss ya mates on the head, shake everyone about, and then try and find ya seat again.

the emotions are now RIGHT up....owens name sung by all 4 corners, the hairs stand up, (depending on how important the game, may have a little wetness of the eyes)....scouser tommy kicks off again.
then a full rendition of everything we've got. WE ARE LIVERPOOL FC, I AM A KOPITE, AND I LOVE IT. "Come ed redmen, lets finish them off"...we are now all out attack.

turn to ya mates and say "crackin game innit?", quickly discuss who's played well....start waving 'adios' to the away end...

"Show them the way to go home
They're tired and they want to go to bed (for a ****!)
Cos they're only half a football team
Compared to the boys in Red.

...then time for IT.....

"YNWA" belted out full pelt, all youve got left, arms aloft, declaring your love and support for the mighty redmen.
the game ends. sing a few more songs for each player, and then listen for the full times....time to leave the shrine...a tinge of sadness at having to go, couldnt they let us have an after match party in the ground!!!....

out for a bevvie at the chosen ale house, voice shot to bits, emotions high, feeling like you could do anything, feeling like you want to go again straight away.

"5 Stella please love"....the rest is history...i never remember that!!! LOL

well just a brief idea anyway mate!!!

i know ive missed loads off sorry!!

Roper :

That was great mate. I found myself singing along to the songs as you named em off.

You just forgot one part. After the game everyone waits for the result from the Everton match and then the place errupts one last time when it is announced they (ofcourse) lost.

Not to be incredibly picky, but how are we supposed to close our eyes and read the story at the same time?

Great story though. Makes me want to go to a game more and more. Anyone want to help me? It going to have to wait though. I don't have to money to do it. Got to pay for school unfortunately. I'm going to make it within the next few years though.

Fucking hell roll on the 7th April :lickin:


--- Quote ---Fucking hell roll on the 7th April :lickin:
--- End quote ---

Why?? Whats happening then  ;) ;)?

Seriously though, well written that roper, sums up "the Liverpool experience" perfectly!


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