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Roma-Gala trouble - UEFA meet 28/3 (now 22/3)

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--- Quote ---UEFA open Rome investigation
Thursday 14 March 2002
UEFA has opened a disciplinary investigation following events in the UEFA Champions League match between AS Roma and Galatasaray SK at the Olimpico stadium.

Unruly scenes
After the final whistle in Rome, both teams were involved in unruly scenes on the pitch that continued into the players' tunnel. European football's governing body has decided to investigate on the basis of various reports including those from the referee and match delegate.

Disciplinary meeting
It is likely that the incidents, which came after a 1-1 draw between the sides, will be considered at the UEFA Control and Disciplinary Body meeting scheduled for 28 (Now 22) March in Nyon, Switzerland.

--- End quote ---

(Thanks to ttnbd for pointing out the following...)

--- Quote ---UEFA brings forward Roma probe

GENEVA, March 14 (Reuters) - UEFA has moved forward by six days to March 22 the disciplinary hearing into the brawl that marred Wednesday's Roma-Galatasaray Champions League match in Rome.
Earlier European soccer's governing body said it had launched a disciplinary investigation into the incident and said it would be considered at a UEFA control and disciplinary body meeting scheduled for March 28 in Nyon, Switzerland.

But a UEFA spokesman later said: 'Due to the amount of evidence already available, the meeting has been brought forward to March 22.'

The brawl at the end of the 1-1 draw in group B involved players and coaching staff from both teams and resulted in injuries to 18 policemen.

--- End quote ---

So (still!) nothing's likely to be decided before we play Roma!

As I've said previously, any disciplinary measures taken against Roma as a club are likely to affect us. If UEFA award the match to Gala it will mean that any draw between Gala & Barca will put us out regardless of how much we may beat Roma by whereas if Roma were to be expelled and the results of the remaining 3 teams taken we would go out unless Barca beat Gala next week.

The only benefit we could have taken is to see Roma have a number of players suspended and therefore weakened for our match. Whether or not this may yet happen will depend on whether the referree issued any "Red Cards" after the match.

it would have been nice if theyd had points off makeing our job nice and easy  :D

Well, as the situation stands, they would have to deduct a lot of points to make a significant difference.

1 or 2 points off Roma would mean we *definitely* qualify if we win but we still go out if we don't.

3 points off Roma would mean we'd be level on points with them. However a score draw would still put them above us on the away goals rule and a 0-0 would put them through on Goal Difference (Roma +3, Liverpool -2)

It's only if UEFA deducted 4 or more points from Roma that a draw would take us through providing  that Barca win. But that is not going to happen, especially after the matches are played.


--- Quote ---Uefa has opened an investigation into the brawl that marred Roma's Champions League tie with Galatasaray.
The brawl at the end of the 1-1 draw in group B involved players and coaching staff from both teams and resulted in injuries to 18 policemen.

Galatasaray official Abdurrahman Albayrak said that several of his team's players had sustained injuries after being struck by police batons.

"On the basis of various reports from the referee, delegates as well as the venue director, Uefa has opened a disciplinary investigation," said a spokesman for European football's governing body.

"It is likely that it will be looked at next week at the Uefa control and disciplinary body meeting, which is scheduled for 28 March in Nyon (Switzerland)."

Turkey's prime minister Bulent Ecevit said he was "deeply saddened" by the attacks on Galatasaray players and officials.

The country's foreign minister Ismail Cem condemned the actions of the Italian police.

"The Italian police showed no mercy striking our players with their sticks in front of the dressing rooms," said Cem.

--- End quote ---

I've watched the tape of ITV highlights several times and there is that much going on it rivals the American Wrestling for action. Even Capello gets in the middle of it trying to calm Roma No.5 Lima who loses it big-time.

If this was Premier League the ref would dish out red/yellow cards as has happened in the tunnels here. Not sure how Uefa refs react to this, as there are Uefa observers at each match and I spotted one in the trouble trying to calm things down.

As the action happened on the side of the pitch I expect refs report or observers report to produce some action.It looks like a bad tackle in the last seconds right by the benches triggered it. Totti stamped on the Gala right back with a nasty tackle.  


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