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Away pub 2moro

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Does any one where most of the reds are meeting b4 the match 2moro? im getting in b4 10am so have plenty of time for drinking!

pubs don't open till 11 (no exceptions) so there is only an hour drinking time in a pub and I don't know if there is one near the stadium (only coz I ain't been b4)

You might be lucky to find a place that has opened a little early, its not unheard of, just make sure its not full of home fans :)

Taken from FanZone

Dr. Browns
The pub is located on Morton Road, and has been recommended by load of our users as a great family pub, as an added bonus, it's located across the road from the McNasty's and the Pizza Hut. Andrew Brightly has described this pub as 'not too bad'.

The Navigation
This is nearest pub to the ground, and is about 10 mins walk from the away end. Unfortunately it's got the 'no away supporters' sign up therefore it's your lookout!

The Crown and Mitre
Across the A66 from the ground and into North Ormesby and there are a couple of pubs, one being The Crown and Mitre. You shouldn't really have any bother in either of these unless you're minging and start gobbing off!

Hog's Head
Located on Linthorpe Rd.

Ayresome Park
Located on Albert Rd.

Some of these will be only open to home fans. Odds on it'll be Dr Browns coz its near Mac D's. ;D  Not much time so probably most will go straight in. Its not the best of aways according to reports.

L7 Red:
We normally go to Thirsk but with the KO being 12 there's no chance before,we'll just have to call there after the game instead.


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