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Behaviour of Barcelona Fans

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Just got back from Barcelona, and I feel lucky to have got out the Nou Camp. If British fans behaved like the Barcelona fans there would be murder going on in the press and UEFA. Dudek was lucky to have escaped injury several times from missiles thrown at him, also the racial abuse aimed at Heskey was disgraceful. The stewards and police seemed non existent, I was in the barca end right behind their goal and it was intimidating being there, several other fans who had bought tickets for the same area decided to watch the game from the back of the stand away from the Lunatic fringe. I have to say I didn't see any trouble outside the ground, though I was too busy singing to notice ;).

The bottles thing is a joke.  Dudek was pelted every GK.  I mean Gala did the same, but if we did it we'd get fucking everything!

Eli_B (aka Badland Red):

--- Quote ---The bottles thing is a joke.  Dudek was pelted every GK.  I mean Gala did the same, but if we did it we'd get fucking everything!
--- End quote ---

Too right there Treble. You could just imagine all Contiental media saying that the "English disease" has arisen again  >:( :no:

Also the racist abuse from a small section of Barca "fans" was distasteful, hypocritical and despicable. Even though Barca themselves have got black players in their current squad!  :no: :no:

The racist abuse of Heskey was shocking. I was sat all on my own in the Barca end and had to refrain from letting rip at the fuckers.

The bottles were thrown by the minority Barca Loonies behind the goal, to be fair to a lot of their fans they were not impressed with it either and vocally showed their disapproval.

Overall they're a lame bunch, they've got no songs, get on their teams back at the first opportunity and dont really seem that bothered about whats going on. They must be Spurs then?

I was on the top tier of the South stand and there was two barca fans kicking up a fuss coz they didn't like the flags draped over the side.
The coppers and stewards took their side and started to remove them, but after a full scale war nearly broke out they compensated with the removal of one flag (which is one too many). Typical Barca shite fans, jealous coz of the noise and colour that we had to offer.
Surely UEFA have got to look at the missiles being thrown at Jerzy and the club has to be fined.
Where were the nets that are always behind the goals at Spanish grounds as this is not the first time this has happened, nor will it be the last.
They should wave the white hankies at their own idiotic fans.

Come on UEFA shows us your true colours and take some action and not a back hand (Sepp Blater)


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