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Holidays 2023 - What's your plans?

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Buck Pete:

--- Quote from: pw1008 on September  5, 2023, 01:59:55 pm ---Just booked Boa Vista Cape Verde for October so if anyone has any tips let me know

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Had enough of work and this shite weather. Iím desperate for an AI. Drinking, eating and chilling by the pool in the sun.

So got the missus looking at Cape Verde for the next international break.  Weather in CV looks glorious in Nov.

Where you booked mate? 

Any recommendations from others welcome :)


--- Quote from: Lastrador on September 20, 2023, 08:06:00 pm ---Oh, that's great mate. Trogir was one of the places we were considering for a day's trip from Split. The historical center looked gorgeous, but a little similar to Zadar, so we decided to skip it. It is tiny though, so I think you will find time to move around quite a bit.

Trogir is 30 minutes away from Split, so you have to go there, for a day at least. From Split, you can also take a ferry to the four major islands (Brac, Hvar, Vis, and Korcula). We heard great things from all four, so I don't think there is a bad choice there. Although it might depend if you're not planning on going to the beaches.

We stayed two nights in Hvar Town and loved it. There was kind of a party vibe going on when we went there (late August), but not nearly as bad as led to believe. The town itself is small but gorgeous with some great beaches nearby, and a great view from the Spanish fortress. So pretty ideal for a day's trip.

From Trogir, you're going to be about 2 hours from Plitvice Lakes National Park. If you like nature, definitely don't miss that. It was one of the highlights of our trip. Krka National Park is a similar but closer alternative, although much smaller.
Tough question, but from what I've seen, probably Dubrovnik. The historical center is not very big, and you can probably check it out in half a day, but it really is a gorgeous city that I just loved walking around, especially at night. Compared to Split, which gets pretty ugly once you leave the more touristic places, Dubrovnik City remains enchanting, even in the most modern areas.

There are some very nice beaches, that are relatively easy to get to, and lots of activities in and around the city. Like walking around the city walls and the fort. Going up Mount Srd. A trip to Lokrum Island. Kayaking in the bay. You're also pretty close to both Bosnia and Montenegro, so you can do day trips to cities like Mostar or Kotor. So yeah, I don't think you would get too bored if you spent 5 days there.

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That's brilliant mate - thanks for all the info.

Yes definitely going to be going to Split for a day or two. Apparently there is a regular bus which picks up near our hotel so probably just use that. I am going to do a bit of research about the four islands you mentioned. Personally I am not much of a beach person but my girlfriend will certainly want a beach day!

Just been googling Hvar and have to say it looks stunning. As does the Plitvice Lakes National Park!

I am planning a longer (probably 2 weeks) trip to the region in which I hope to visit Dubrovnik, Bosnia and Montenegro in spring next year. Its just we had a bit of spare time in the next month so off to Porto on Tuesday and then Croatia a week or so after that. All a bit last minute so just trying to make a list of half a dozen things to do in each place.   

Stag do planning....

Looking like abroad for a weekend in March. Apart from the obvious Benidorm  ;D

Any suggestions


--- Quote from: Smudge on September 21, 2023, 10:46:09 am ---Stag do planning....

Looking like abroad for a weekend in March. Apart from the obvious Benidorm  ;D

Any suggestions

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San Sebastian

Amazing food. Good night out. And if you co-ordinate it appropriately it's easy to get to a Real Sociedad game (easy to get to the ground from city centre as well).

It's defo not a typical stag place though. Probably depends on what you want.


--- Quote from: NarutoReds on September 20, 2023, 10:07:59 am ---It's September. I'm already start saving my money monthly for my next year's holiday. Of course, for whoever rich enough, 1-2 months saving could cover it all easily.

I'm thinking whether it's going to be Amsterdam or Rome and I'm not sure which one it would be worth it for me, first-timer in both cities.

It comes to...

- Beautiful sightseeing along the canal and boat cruising in Amsterdam. Of course the cycling part too.  :D

- In the same time, elliptical amphitheatre of Colosseum of Rome is intriguing for me too. Would love to see it with own bare eyes.  :D

Which one that you would choose, if you are the first-timer? Please, any recommendation would be much appreciated. ** Between mid September to the end of October, next year.

Thank you, lads here and the good people of Liverpool.  :)  :)

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I thought Rome was better than Amsterdam in my experience though the purposes of the trips were very different and may cloud my opinion of the cities.

Just thought Rome was more interesting on the whole.

Personally think there are better cities in Europe to visit than either Rome or Amsterdam.

I'd say Berlin, Munich, Florence, Copenhagen, San Sebastian, Stockholm, Seville, Lisbon and Athens are all arguably better cities for a short break though you won't see as many famous attractions compared to Rome. Just found the general atmosphere and vibe a bit better in these cities.

Not a massive fan of the likes of  Barcelona or Prague either though both are OK.


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