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Adverts you hate

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what adverts really make your skin crawl when you see them?

The norwich union ad, the "quote me happy" one drives me mad!

And the nivea for men one where its got that bloke who wakes up "hungover", and goes like "Great party last night. Wish i could remember more of it!". He wakes up, supposedly hungover, an hes got white teeth, perfect hair and hes grinnign everywhere he goes! JUST FUCK OFF!!!

I start therapy next week...

I the new Pot Noodle advert really pisses me off

the halifax one with that bloke who's always singing is well annoying

The fuckin injury robbin "have you had a fall" bastard's  :no

Hate these c*nts.

Tesco's - patronising load of shite  :no


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