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Belfast - the city that can't count!

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Back in Northern Ireland for Christmas to see family and decided to do a bus tour of Belfast today.

Tour was going great until the point the guide announced that Belfast has in fact got five, yes five quarters! Quarters as in Titanic Quarter, Queens Quarter, Linen Quarter etc

Now as a Maths grad I may be a little sensitive and OCD about numbers but when someone tells me my capital city has 5 quarters I found that more than a little fucking weird!

Anyone else encountered that absurd geometric concept of a city being split into 5 or more quarters?


Haha they've only got 4 quarters on that website!

7 quarter according to wiki


the quarters refer to districts or distinct areas of the city rather than the city being divided into four areas. as that website says, it comes from the french 'quartier' which usually means district or neighbourhood.


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