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What a horrible cunting thing this is, ruining everything for everyone, fucking c*nt.

That is it, sorry had to get it out somewhere, better than punching a wall or something.

Indeed, it is a fucking evil thing. Already lost a family member to it (a lady who leaves behind an 8 year old daughter), and dread it happening again.

Though you shouldnt really worry about what ifs, its hard not to sometimes.

Agreed it's fucking evil. I've lost half a dozen family members to it in the last 15 years, all between 40 and 65. I fucking hate it with a passion.

Maybe it's just me but I'm often saying to the wife how when I was a little kid, it seemed like it was a lot less prevalent. You'd hear of it but not often. Nowadays almost every family seems to be touched by the fucking thing.

Mr Boat:
Lost my sister aged 40 nearly one year ago; leaving behind 2 boys, 12 and 14 and 1 girl aged 7; beautiful children.......what an awful time for my parents.

It's an awful thing and I sympathise with anyone it touches.

Think about her every damn day.

Touch wood, has never affected anyone in my family to my knowledge. Horrible horrible thing, although I can't begin to imagine the pain of seeing someone suffer from it.


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