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--- Quote from: F-T-9 on June  9, 2023, 08:54:23 am ---Anyone have any good ideas on getting the local cats to stop shitting in your garden? Little fuckers are doing my head in.

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if you find that they're shitting in the same places - usually places that are relevant to them - then what i did is to put loose gravel down in those areas - because i read somewhere that they don't like the sharp gravel under their feet (kitty litter isn't sharp) - and that seemed to work

i still get the odd poop here and there when a 'new' cat is sussing the territory, but i just do the same - and remember to move the gravel when its worked or leave it in place if you decide that maybe a gravel area looks good

What was this font and why was it used for every single building in the 70s?


--- Quote from: Son of Spion on June  9, 2023, 05:19:42 pm ---They're shitting in his garden, not eating it.


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Then add some tonic water and a shot of gin. At least he can drown his sorrows when clearing away the crap!!!!


--- Quote from: bradders1011 on June 16, 2023, 09:56:17 am ---What was this font and why was it used for every single building in the 70s?

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Its possibly a Clarendon Bold Italic, not sure though

I think a lot of the time it was just a fashion or lack of imagination in designers. I work for a signmakers and in the 80s the majority of the time we used Helvetica Medium, I dont remember using it at all in the last 20 years. Also most companys/shops now have their own logo or artwork so a generic font isnt often on the front of the building. More likely to be inside.

Kenny Rogers Kills Christmas:
How cool, someone asks quite an obscure question about signs and gets an answer from a signmaker


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