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--- Quote from: Seebab on March 23, 2009, 08:05:17 pm ---How do I get rid of these Vivax ads that have appeared on all the sites I go to (including BBC Sports)? This has started occurring in the past couple of days. FFS, I don't want to surprise my girl by adding inches to it, I just want to bloody see the football results.

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Any help of this?

And Could He Play:

--- Quote from: bradigor on March 23, 2009, 08:03:56 pm ---I need to make money quick, but am fed up of these get rich quick schemes. Anyone know how I can get rich quick?

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Theres too many whoppers at anfield.
How do yer sort it ?  :D

Does any mystic meg know if we will win the title?

Party Phil:
what happened to the ask bigdavalad thread?


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