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Jill's gorra boss Worcester Combi! (aka the weather thread)

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Crosby Nick 128:

--- Quote from: rob1966 on September 19, 2023, 02:08:07 pm ---Still t-shirt and shorts for me ;D

--- End quote ---

You could be posting this from Svalbard and you’d be saying the same thing.

Nobby Reserve:
Unsettled for the foreseeable, though there will be days when higher pressure ridges in between weather systems and gives us a dry day (Saturday could be one such day, fingers crossed)

For the next phase of weather to take us to the end of Sept, a lot depends on the track taken by ex-hurricane Nigel.

On Monday, most of the output was modelling it tracking northwards to the west of the UK, dragging up milder air and inflating high pressure over/near us.

Today, most are modelling it tracking over the top of the UK, spinning its weather fronts over much of the UK (away from the far S/SE) from west to east.

Terry de Niro:
Still scorchio in Alvor.  8)
Going home tomorrow, deep joy.   :(


--- Quote from: Terry de Niro on September 23, 2023, 02:14:26 pm ---Still scorchio in Alvor.  8)
Going home tomorrow, deep joy.   :(

--- End quote ---

Her sister is somewhere in Portugal, been passing down ;D

Hammering down and blowing a gale here,for a change like.


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