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Jill's gorra boss Worcester Combi! (aka the weather thread)

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Pissing down in the city.

It is really getting to me a bit.........i mean its 20th July and so far its been rain rain,cloud cloud......yet to have a beer garden pint,a bar b que etc.....time is running out really as i normally consider the footie KO (3 weeks) as the start of the turning of the year..

 :( :( :( :no :duh :boxhead

Rob K:

--- Quote from: Rushian on July 20, 2007, 11:41:37 am ---is fucking appalling today. Pitch black outside and torrential rain for the last few hours and now the thunder and lightning is kicking in. And some of you have this to come.

--- End quote ---

We've got the torrential rain, not had the thunder and lightning yet though.

The not so lazy.boy:
Traded the car in yesterday for one of these... loading the animals on as we speak!

Hank Scorpio:
Really, really dark since the morning and currently absolutely hammering it down.


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