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Well, training camps are in full swing and the season is about a month away, figured I'd start up this bad boy for all things NFL, that is if any of you are into that sort of thing, and no, I'm not talking about Manchester United... ;D

I guess I'll start it off with this, watching the Hall of Fame induction ceremonies really got me excited for the upcoming season, afraid though that it will be the last for Brett Favre and the winning ways of my Packers, dark days seem to be on the horizon...

Come on Brett, one more charge!

Ain't gonna happen, mate   :'(

Dread Breath:
Australia has an aspiring punter with the Jets, his name is Ben Graham, and apparently leaves some of the American punters in the shade, though is a trifle inconsistent. This is a report I picked up of a Jets fan site where they give a report on Graham's punting:

"The absolute highlight of the morning session, however, was the punting of Ben Graham. I know a lot has been written about him here and in the different news outlets. I gotta say though that you need to see it to believe it. Iíve never seen anyone kick a ball over 70 yards thru the air. He nailed one right around 80 friggin yards! When you
see it you almost laugh. Both him and Knorr did battle back & forth though. Knorr had a couple boomers of his own but NOTHING like Graham. Two problems I see. Grahamís biggest hurdle is just being consistent. Heíd hit 2 great ones, 1 bad one, 1 or 2 good ones, 1 great one and on and on. Knorr, while seldom matching Graham, was just more consistent. Probably to the tune of 35+ avg. Not great I know but the one thing that scares me is who is gonna be the place holder. Grahams just now learning this and I can honestly say that at least 1 of Nooges missed kicks ( relax there was only 2 )was due to a miss handled hold. Does anyone think him winning the P job will hinge on his acclimation of the place holding duties? It will be interesting nonetheless."


--- Quote from: ALPH1217 on August  8, 2005, 01:19:05 am ---Ain't gonna happen, mate   :'(

--- End quote ---

there is always a chance with him on the team...

Red Death, I'm a bit confused, mate. Is this guy a punter or a field goal kicker? If he's a punter he won't have a holder.


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