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Just for info and reference. Additions, clarifications, revisions and smarties welcomed with open arms. Please don't spam with speculation, denunciations, acclamations or general poop.

How are we owned?

Fenway Sports Group (NESV I, Delaware registered company)

own (directly? via other holding companies?)

UKSV I LLC (Delaware registered company)


UKSV Holdings Company Ltd


The Liverpool Football Club and Athletic Grounds Ltd ('the club')

Who owns us?

Under Premiership rules, shareholders who own more than 10% of the club must be disclosed. Currently (27th May 2012) the only shareholder who meets this requirement is John Henry himself. Outside of the FSG investors, the basketball player LeBron James was reported to have been given a small stake in Liverpool itself (presumably in one of the holding companies?) as part of his marketing deal with FSG's marketing arm FSM (formerly called FSG when FSG was NESV - enjoy the acronyms). Reports specifically avoided mentioning him as taking a stake in FSG, for what little worth such reports have. Shelovesyou also points out that, as well as James himself, his business partner Maverick Carter also has a stake in Liverpool itself (FSM press release). Presumably this is held by their joint venture LRMR Marketing & Branding?

Known FSG investors

John Henry
Thomas Werner
Theodore Alfond
William Alfond
Thomas R. DiBenedetto
Michael Egan
David Ginsberg
Michael Gordon
John A. Kaneb
Seth Klarman
Larry Lucchino
Henry F. McCance
Arthur E. Nicholas
Frank Resnek
Martin Trust
Jeffrey Vinik
Herb Wagner
Phillip H. Morse

(source: partners listed in the Red Sox front office minus NYT)

What FSG own

People of Direct Interest

Directors of UKSV Holdings Company Ltd.

E. Weiss - Presumably Edward J. Weiss, General Counsel to FSG

D.Ginsberg - Presumably David Ginsberg. Bio here. On the left here, with Michael Gordon on the right:

Directors of Liverpool Football Club and Athletic Grounds

P. Nash - Philip Nash. Chief Financial Officer, promoted to board after Hicks Jnr. stepped down following his invitation to a supporter to engage in fellatio with him.

I. Ayre - Ian Ayre. Managing Director, formerly the Commercial Director. Now with additional powers according to interviews he's given with the Echo

J. Henry - John Henry.

T. Werner - Tom Werner.

D. Ginsberg - David Ginsberg. Bio.

J. Vinik - Jeffrey Vinik. FSG investor, very successful hedge fund manager, owner of the Tampa Bay Lightning ice hockey team, chairman of Vinik Asset Management. Short bio. More in-depth, if old, piece.

M. Gordon - Michael Gordon. FSG investor, president and a partner in Vinik Asset Management who, with Jeffrey Vinik, appeared fairly frequently in Wall Street's Highest Earners charts. Reports occasionally label him Vinik's 'money management partner'.

excellent work sir

Cheers mate! Very good!

Seth Klarman

Author of the classic investment guide 'Margin of Safety' which now regularly sells for a hefty chunk of change on eBay and Amazon.

Runs the 5th largest hedge fund in the US, the Baupost Group which has returned 19% annually since it's creation in 1982.

Currently involved in a battle to turn Ontario into a granite mine.

Vinik has stepped down.

In a statement, the club said: "We can confirm that Jeff Vinik has decided to step down as a board member of Liverpool FC, due to a desire to focus on his investment management and sporting interests.
"We would like to thank Jeff for his valuable contribution and wish him well for the future."


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