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A scrapbook of our work over the 3 years of hicks and gillett!

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brownie 09:
I think it would be great if we could get a collection of photos, videos, newspaper articles etc of the work we done as fans of the our plight against the plague set upon our club!

Its a moment in time I will never forget for 2 reasons;

1. The club was 4 hours away from administration
2. The Fans (internet terrorists) I think we done good! :D

So post your pictures, videos and articles anything related to what we done as fans to stop H+G!

brownie 09:

Liverpool vs Sunderland! Standards Corrupted!

brownie 09:

Second standards corrupted at an earlier date not sure what game!

brownie 09:

Me and me brother at the 4th July spirit of shankly gathering!



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