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Liverpool Supporters Club in Manchester?

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youll never walk alone it:
we have a very large support in manc, always seeing lfc scarves around the south manc, even saw a lad walking around with 1 of our shirts on in wythenshawe? either brave or just stupid...

was it rehearsal for 51st state

Don't know of any organised travel. But there are a few who go to most games. Not mancs, just students there.

Think this could be worth looking at, i travel from manc with either my missus or a mate and it is surprising how many redmen/women there are that travel from manchester. Piccadilly station on the morning/afternoon of a match is quite an eye opener to just how many fans there actually are that make the trip over. I would definitely be interested in travelling officially or whatever

red annie:
We live in the Altrincham area and there are a surprising number of Liverpool fans, they even turn up in our local, watched a few games there over the years; it is a Utd pub an all.

Trouble is travel between manc & Liverpool is relatively easy, so not sure how necessary organised travel would be.


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