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Liverpool Supporters Club in Manchester?

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I live in the centre of Manchester and I'm sick of being let down by so called match-going friends to go to the game with. I'm wondering if there is some kind of LFC supporters branch in Manchester at all?

I checked on the LFC website and got the details for David Wilson who apparently runs some kind of branch (, but I haven't been able to get hold of him.

Does anybody know if there are any regular groups of people going to the match from Manchester? Organised travel, or anything like that?

Thanks in advance.

Why don't you phone David Wilson and ask him.


--- Quote from: Alf on January 23, 2011, 01:39:52 pm ---Why don't you phone David Wilson and ask him.

--- End quote ---

Tried a couple of times but the phone has been off each time.

Thats like having a Cardiff City Supporters Club in Swansea. .

The Jolly Boys Outing:
you would prob be best finding out from the official liverpool supporters club, i know two people who are staunch
liverpool fans that live in cheadle but i think they tend to keep their heads down.
or if all else fails get the train to lime street its only like 7 quid and spend your money in liverpool instead of
manchester! 8)


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