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Gillett & Hicks invited to parliamentary inquiry

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Manila Kop:
Foreign owners to appear before Parliament
Wednesday, 18 June 2008

LONDON (AP) - Liverpool’s feuding American owners have been invited to appear before a British parliamentary inquiry.

Co-owners Tom Hicks and George Gillett Jr., along with Manchester City’s Thaksin Shinawatra, have been asked to appear before the All Party Parliamentary Football Group. The British lawmakers are investigating problems involving how English Premier League teams are being run, particularly fans’ concerns over foreign owners and their increasing influence.

Hicks and Gillett could use one of the hearings in the fall to air their grievances with each other since taking over Liverpool last year.

Liverpool goalkeeper Pepe Reina echoed fans’ concerns Tuesday about the club’s financial situation, including substantial debts.

“Things aren’t especially good (economically),” Reina said at Spain’s training camp at the European Championship. “You hope that everything comes into order (off the field), but there is little to say since we can do little.”

Accounts released earlier this month showed that the American owners, who gained control of Liverpool in March 2007, had net losses of $67 million by July 31, 2007. The team’s chief executive Rick Parry, whose resignation was demanded by Hicks in defiance of Gillett, also was invited to testify.

Alan Keen, the inquiry’s chairman, is concerned that the feud has overshadowed the team on the field.

Thaksin had a smooth first year in charge at Manchester City until removing manager Sven-Goran Eriksson earlier this month in what he admitted was a “ruthless” action after only one season. The club finished ninth in the EPL.

Thaksin, who was accused of human rights abuses before being ousted as Thai prime minister, would be subjected to questions relating to the Premier League’s “fit and proper person” stipulation.

While Hicks, Gillett and Thaksin have been the source of fans’ fury, Aston Villa fans have embraced Randy Lerner, who also owns the Cleveland Browns and has been invited to tell his success story.

The 13 legislators and peers also want Inter Milan coach Jose Mourinho to discuss his relationship with Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich. Mourinho left Chelsea last September after his relationship with the Russian billionaire deteriorated.

FIFA president Sepp Blatter and his UEFA counterpart Michel Platini have also received invitations.

AP Sports Writer Paul Logothetis contributed to this report from Neustift, Austria. (Reporting by Rob Harris)

Liverbird 2010:
Hicks and Gillett could use one of the hearings in the fall to air their grievances with each other since taking over Liverpool last year.

Oh great another soap opera on the horizon  ::)

It's Jimmy Corkhill:
Wash some more dirty fucking laundry in public you useless pair of Yank c*nts.

Manila Kop:
Hmm, I thought the reaction to this would be more positive.  It might force some transparency on what those two fuckers are actually planning on doing with the club.  Can they be compelled to attend by Parliament or is an invitation just an invitation?

well said pepe


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