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Repossession of Anfield by S.O.S.

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Spirit Of Shankly:
Following the recent dig in Stanley Park, in which Spirit Of Shankly
decided it best to help out the self-proclaimed 'Custodians' of our club
in putting a spade in the ground - 440 days after they initially
promised - we have decided that we should now call time on their
Custodianship at Anfield.


We have asked them to leave. They have failed to do so. They have taken
out massive debts, secured against our club. Before these debts become
an even bigger financial burden, and before the repayment of loans
affects the manager's transfer budget any longer - it already has this
summer - we must take back what is rightfully ours. We must stop them
before they go down the path of a shared stadium. It isn't what fans
want, so it's time again that we make them listen to what we want
-Liverpool Football Club back in the right hands, with our own stadium.


So let's repossess Anfield. Let's evict the American's. Let's be proper
custodians of our club.


PM for details, or reply in this thread to be sent details


Spirit Of Shankly

Id like details because im intrigued. However lets not delve into criminal activity - however much we want the Yanks out

It's Jimmy Corkhill:


Details please.


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