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We've had batshit crazy reactions today after a draw. I'd hate think what this place will be like when we're finished playing Arsenal and Man City in the next two league games.  :D

I think a lot of people held some sort of hope that now that we have minimal amount of injuries and a nice rest we would look different. Now that hope has been thoroughly squashed and we are left with the not so nice realization that we are in fact a bit shit and there is no false dawn to cling on to.
Liverpool FC Forum / Re: JŁrgen Klopp
« Last post by please, I have my reasons for it but... on Today at 09:03:03 pm »
He needs to just go back to basics. In 2020-21, City were 10th after 7 games with 11 points. Pep just made sure they got the basics right and stopped trying to do anything extraordinary. If you watched City from that point onwards in 20-21 that season, you will see that they played with less fluidity and more pragmatism compared to the other years that Pep was there.

We're probably won't end being crowned champions like City did that season, but at least try to salvage a top four finish.  I understand Klopp has his own beliefs but the system doesn't suit the players anymore, and while it's not all his fault that the squad was not refreshed adequately in midfield to keep playing the same system, that's the hand that was dealt to him now. He even admitted after Napoli that we should tweak our approach a little, so it's disappointing to see after a month of not playing games that we're still playing this whole inverted wingback, free roaming number 8 on the right and the two wide forwards pretending to be linesmen system with the same naivety and same problems, trailing pretty much from the start of the game, while expecting different outcomes.
Liverpool FC Forum / Re: Trent Alexander-Arnold
« Last post by killer-heels on Today at 09:02:37 pm »
He's making it easy to not be picked. And that could be a good thing for him and us.

We are not helping him. He is literally the hub of everything we do and he has to do a tonne of a lot of stuff. At to that minimal protection, its no wonder people are having a go at him.

Fuck knows what the solution is. Feels like we have decided to keep doing the same thing and hope he, or should that be the side, snap out of it.

I dont think he is playing that bad. He is still playing some great passes forward and there is no other fullback, maybe apart from Cancelo, who gets close. But he is struggling defensively but being left out to dry.
Liverpool FC Forum / Re: Atmosphere at Anfield
« Last post by LFCJayy on Today at 09:02:06 pm »
From personal experience this and many wonít agree but going to any league games is shite. Just full of tourists and glory hunters!

I generally believe that league games now is just for tourists and hardly any scousers especially the young ones, get to go anymore. However cups have been easier for us locals but even now especially champions league games itís getting harder and you can see with the atmosphere.

Can somebody tell me the last time we had a decent atmosphere that wasnít in a game thatís classed as big?
News and Current Affairs / Re: Fuel price
« Last post by Machae on Today at 09:01:23 pm »
Yeah, that brings me back to the original point, can't really switch and its all much of a muchness. Bit of cartel really

This is the message I'm getting...

Energy prices are at record highs, and most homes will be better off staying with their current energy supplier right now.

If your fixed term is coming to an end, don't choose a new tariff or switch supplier.

Instead, let your supplier automatically move you to their default tariff, so your prices are protected by the Government's Energy Price Cap.

Would you like an email when prices fall?

Itís an easy topic which certain people are absolutely battering because they think it makes them look clever, and they havenít got the bottle to criticise the gaffer or any of our players.

I honestly believe all our problems stem from the lack of recruitment. And I am surprised we had such a good season last year as I thought the impact of our lack of recruitment would have happened sooner. There is a reason most players drop down a league or move to the scottish leagues or retire around 32, 33, 34. Simply because their levels drop. I am not going to criticise Henderson because I just don't believe he is the same player he was 4 years ago or 3 or even 2. We are expecting to much from an aged midfield. Add to that our midfield has always had to do a lot of running due to the way we play. I don't think we have the personnel to maintain the levels we need in midfield.

And as for last season - in January we were 14 points behind the leaders and then we brought in Luis Diaz and ended the season 1 point behind the winners, winning two cups along the way. Do we really think that would have happened without Diaz? Salah had hit a lull and only Mane was still performing after AFCON. Recruitment made a difference in my view and boosted our attack and boosted the team. Not saying that our season was down to him but recruitment massively helped.

As for criticising Klopp - it's not happening.
Media and Arts / Re: Awesome documentaries thread
« Last post by hixxstar on Today at 09:00:20 pm »
Watched a 4 part docu last night... (4 x 45 mins).. '11 Minutes'   2017 Mass shooting in Las Vegas at a Country & Western Festival

Through emotional first-hand accounts and never-before-seen archival footage, immerses viewers inside the largest mass shooting in our country's history.
A story of survival at what was supposed to be a festival celebrating country music.
We've had batshit crazy reactions today after a draw. I'd hate think what this place will be like when we're finished playing Arsenal and Man City in the next two league games.  :D
Liverpool FC Forum / Re: JŁrgen Klopp
« Last post by Fromola on Today at 08:59:59 pm »
What do you want the owners to do? We either take a gamble on the financial stability of the club or FSG put their hands in their pocket.

It's ridiculous that a club with our revenues seems to have problems in the transfer market, but how much of it is financial prudence and how much is down to being over-cautious?

The problem is what we're up against. If we do miss out on the CL it'll be to 4 teams who have spent a fortune while we've been complacent.
Liverpool FC Forum / Re: Atmosphere at Anfield
« Last post by ToneLa on Today at 08:59:28 pm »
State of our fans and I couldn't get any tickets

I'd sing in my scarf holding it high even two nil down
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