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General Football and Sport / Re: Predictions: Top 4
« Last post by elsewhere on Today at 09:25:37 pm »
Us, City, Arsenal and Utd.
European Away forum / Re: Rangers away selling details
« Last post by RainbowFlick on Today at 09:25:37 pm »
Incorrect. I am angry about it and didn't.
Can tell you about 5 in our group who all went to Napoli who think it's bang out of order.

I am guessing you know who is behind this then and think it's great?

It's fucking over lads with 3+ credits who have been away. There will be people in that who have done the right thing and not bought 2 X Napoli, so are in the 3 sale.

And the people who were doing this were forcing it to a sale for cards they had with ONLY 1 credit. Guess which credit that would be? People getting rangers away from this exploit having never been a euro away

*never having the credit. plenty, including me, have been to many and managed to get a Napoli credit (and attended) which may possibly be rendered useless eventually anyway.

i think ultimately there's an element of unfairness across all our ticketing system and there's no fool-proof way to fix that. exploiting is definitely a line too far though, same with touting, but beyond that i don't care *that* much.
Liverpool FC Forum / Re: Welcome Darwin Núñez !!!
« Last post by Funky_Gibbons on Today at 09:25:20 pm »
We could end up paying £80 million for the lad. The 2 times we’ve spent that sort of money has been on VVD and alisson and both came in and contributed instantly. Think people are just so baffled that we’ve spent so much money on someone who’s clearly far from being the finished product and might take a season to settle in when we’ve got so many glaring issues in the squad. If money was so tight maybe we shouldn’t have blew our entire budget on potential and got some midfielders who could have contributed instantly
But that's not Nunez's fault is it.

If you have a problem with the transfer take it to the Jurgen Klopp thread, he bought him.
Honestly not confident of even beating Rangers. For what they lack in talent they will run and run like their lives depended on it on Tuesday.

They'll have too much intensity for us.
What a shite day.

Gerrard was getting sacked and it turns out Villa are 3 points behind us on the same number of games.

I think we will win at least one of the two games against Arsenal or City but I am going to invest my savings on a cement mixer load of coke if we lose and are on 10 points from 9 games.
Anfield Stadium / Re: Anfield Road Extension - Construction Underway
« Last post by whiteboots on Today at 09:23:07 pm »

Whatever the limitations of the current Kop it is far better than the equivalent at any other ground.
The Holte end is bigger, Spurs' North tier is a larger single structure.
We've had batshit crazy reactions today after a draw. I'd hate think what this place will be like when we're finished playing Arsenal and Man City in the next two league games.  :D

We landed ourselves with one of (arguably the best) best managers in footie today.  When riding the wave of success (champions league and premiership) that is the time to invest to consolidate and build on the success.

That has been a big fail.
I remember someone on here said that Hodgson could be our Paisley when he became our manager. Deadly serious too. Bellingham is an immense talent and I hope we get him, but comparisons on this forum don't often end well. To say Gerrard couldn't dribble through a midfield is a bit like saying Tiger Woods never knew how to hit a wedge. Just madness.
Gerrard won us the champions league followed by the fa cup, and prior to that had won the league cup, fa cup and uefa cup.

How is that comparable to what ‘Bellingham’ has won?

Laughable the two are being compared. Gerrard was so, so much better even in his late teens/early 20’s. Bellingham wishes he could do what Gerrard could. He hasnt even got 50% of Gerrard’s ability to pass a ball.
Liverpool FC Forum / Re: Roberto Firmino
« Last post by Bread on Today at 09:16:27 pm »
Honestly, my favourite player of the Klopp era. If this turns out to be his final season for Liverpool, he's giving us a lovely swansong. Hope this goalscoring run of form continues.
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