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Media and Arts / Re: Music Association Game
« Last post by lucas65 on Today at 02:26:41 pm »
Welcome Home - Peters and Lee
Already Home - Jay z
The Boozer / Re: Ask - RAWK replies
« Last post by Ghost Town on Today at 02:24:56 pm »
Yes they do work. I had some issues when I got mine with it running a bit rough, full bottle of cleaner in a tank and it deffo improved it. If you've only got 1/4 of a tank of fuel, I'd personally only add 1/4 bottle of the treatment, it's at the same ratio as they expect then.

After cleaning it, I was told to give the car the good old "Italian tune-up" now and again. To di this, you basically get the engine warm, then take it onto a dual carriageway, bang it to the redline in each gear and then and hold it in a lower gear than top so that the car is running at higher revs but not redlining and run it like that for about 5 minutes, that'll help clear the shit out.

Thanks Rob, knew I could count on you for anything to do with cogs and pistons :thumbup

Now to delicately pour only a quarter bottle of STP in the tank. It's a weird shaped bottle as well, so not easy to judge. They don't make it easy!
Media and Arts / Re: Music Association Game
« Last post by Terry de Niro on Today at 02:22:03 pm »
Welcome to Paradise - Green Day
Welcome Home - Peters and Lee
Media and Arts / Re: Glastonbury Festival 2022
« Last post by LanceLink!!!!! on Today at 02:20:50 pm »
Warmduscher now on Park Stage, absolute nutters
The Boozer / Re: Ask the next person a question
« Last post by Terry de Niro on Today at 02:20:43 pm »

Were you into anything as a kid, hobby, piece of media etc, that none of your friends liked or there seemed to be a lack of people your age into?
Not a hobby as such, but I joined the Sea Cadets when I was 13 and none of my friends seemed at all interested when I put it to them. I only joined because I was a half-decent footy player and they asked me to be in their team. There were some fit girls there too and that helped to sway things.  ;D

Do you have a daily routine or do you just tend to wing it?
Media and Arts / Re: Glastonbury Festival 2022
« Last post by AndyMuller on Today at 02:19:10 pm »
What are people looking forward to today? Charli XCX and Elbow for me

Charli XCX eh you dirty dog.
Liverpool FC Forum / Re: Mohamed Salah - Best in the World
« Last post by SamLad on Today at 02:18:55 pm »
I dont care what he does elsewhere, i care about what we do to replace his goals.

Feel like people are underestimating the probable loss of two world class forwards.
we lost them during AFCON and managed to do OK.
I said when we won the League that anything that follows is a bonus in my life. Just enjoying it and glad at least someone (us) are giving City a challenge in recent years or else the Premier League becomes very boring very quickly.
General Football and Sport / Re: LIVERPOOL TRANSFER THREAD - END GAME
« Last post by Red Cactii on Today at 02:14:15 pm »
To be honest, El Hadji Diouf and Sadio Mane are of the same nationality ...

Completely irrelevant to the discussion about the best Italian players electing to stay Italy, but sure go on.....
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