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Veinticinco de Mayo:
Just a reminder to everyone that we view the swapping of membership cards / fancards / card numbers as effectively a ticket trade and as such asking or offering cards or card details outside exchange threads will get the standard two week ban.

The reason for this is that the exchanges are intended to help people who occasionally get left with tickets, they are not meant to enable people to build up false loyalty from games that they have no intention of attending.


Membership/Fan Card sales or season long loans

Please refrain from attempting to sell on via RAWK. The exchange and use of cards for an upcoming match is as per ticket exchange rules. The attempted selling of a membership fan card with matches already on there or promised to be added is a minefield we cannot entertain

If found attempting to do this you risk a ban :wave

Lesson learnt :) xxxx


--- Quote from: swoopy on January 19, 2010, 01:10:57 pm ---Lesson learnt :) xxxx

--- End quote ---

Veinticinco de Mayo:
Good lads.  Welcome back and apologies for the ban.  I always feel bad for handing out ticket exchange rule bans - but we do need them to stop the site becoming a free for all.

Appologies I thought it only applied to swapping tickets outside offical exchange threads... on reading your argument against this on building "false loyalty" I accept that I am at fault.


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