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Anyone driving back to SW London after the Real Madrid match on Tuesday?
Really need a lift. Will pay for the petrol, etc. Ta!

Anyone got room for one to London after the Forest game 22/04/23 please will pay petrol, Thanks

Anyone driving to the game tomorrow from accrington/blackburn area. Will happily chip in with petrol etc

anyone need a train ticket Liverpool to London this weekend?

I think I stuck it in the wrong thread - details in the post quoted below if you click that

--- Quote from: classycarra on August 10, 2023, 04:14:11 pm ---Hope it's alright to post this... in short I have a cheap-ish (25) train Liverpool to London off peak (one way) ticket going

--- End quote ---

Have two Two Together train tickets Wigan to Wolves on Saturday. 8.31am going and 4.32pm coming back if anyone wants them. Now getting a lift with mate.


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