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Which credit cards will no longer work for ticket sales?

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Following on from the various postings across several threads these past few weeks of certain payment cards no longer working on the LFC ticketing website, I thought it might perhaps be useful to establish which cards are failing.

We've seen Virgin Atlantic MasterCard now mentioned by me and two other posters.  Payments with this usually (but not always) require approval in the Virgin app, which could be something the software or payment intermediary is failing to handle.

What other cards are failing, and what two-factor authentication do they normally use?  Any other datapoints please?


Nationwide Visa requires app approval but no issues at all.

Natwest Visa is hit and miss. Sometimes works with app authentication, sometimes fails. Sometimes doesn't ask for authentication at all! It's great fun wondering which it will be!

Luke 17:
Not had any problems since I started using Monzo. Did have issues with Natwest debit card previously.

Chase Mastercard normally requires 2 way verification.


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