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LFC announcement on the Club website at 2pm today.

Danny Boys Dad:
LFC announcement re: season ticket waiting list

'It's really, really big'

I predict:
Amensty for people holding their great-grandads STs, and an announcement that the list is being wiped completely and people need to re-apply.

They need to know how many seats they can really sell in the new/amended stadium.  The current list is a bag of shite, I'm probably still on it at an address from 1997 when I wanted to go every game.  I'm 14 years older and have 3 kids I never had then and can't afford a season ticket now.  I might even be on twice, I think I applied again around the turn of the century at a new address.
They need to know the reality - and the above would be a smart move, and they're smart people.

Last I heard it was a 10 year long waiting list for ST's.

Although that was in 2006 ;)

Danny Boys Dad:
Wonder if they are going to charge people to be on it, or make membership a pre-requisite?

Been on it 10 years and not a sniff.


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