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Coach running Klagenfurt - Ljub & back!

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Johnny Mac L25:
A 16 or 19 seater coach / minibus is being arranged to run from Klagenfurt Airport to Ljubljana and back again.

Deps. After arrival of the Stansted Ryanair flight on the day of the game (around 1:30/2pm on the 24th). Approx travel time is 1.5-2hrs.

Returns the following morning, departing central Ljubljana at approximately 9:00am.

Cost will be 30 per head including all taxes and petrol and other expenses (so I'm told!!)

This coach will only run if we get enough on board, so please email me at or reply here.

The Real Johnny Mackin

Sarah Deane:
Johnny - have you checked the kick-off time? I don't think it's been confirmed yet. Don't want to worry you, but sometimes countries like Slovenia like to play late afternoon instead of early evening. Might be worth a check.  :)

UEFA have confirmed kick off as 20.15

Sarah Deane:
Nice one Jimbo ;)

Gives me 15 minutes extra to get there  ;D

Johnny, 3 of us may be interested in your coach. However we are travelling back on the Friday so will only need 1 way. So if you have spaces for that bear us in mind mate? ;)


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