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FAO anyone who has not yet changed their flights

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150 miles from venice

Lee J:
Stansted on the 06:35 (were planning an overnight at Stansted anyway) on the 23rd

Returning on the 24th at 22:15 (Venice Treviso not Marco Polo - no flights available)

Actually turned out to be 71.60 but still cheaper than a change to higher priced Trieste flight (this is for 2 people)

Lee you got any room in your car?  ;)

I'd try the outbound to Trieste on the Tues only 9.99 as a new flight and just chging the reurn from Klagenfurt for 15.

That will probably work out the cheapest way of doing it.

My change looks a bargain now @ 30!

24th or 25th Lee?.  Still wrestling with trying to get there.


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