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FAO anyone who has not yet changed their flights

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I've managed to get a hotel room now that I'm only staying one night and driving.
I have 2 places in the Bit Center hostel up for grabs if anyone needs them.

nige i'll be there - fancy meeting for a beer?

load of legal action going on at the moment. With the increase of the size of Serie B they've tried to cheat and promote Fiorentina two divisions ....

... TomE is in the same boat - can't get time off for the September fixture and has already booked the work off for Oct 14th-16th.

I've managed to rebook for Sept (going into Trieste and out of Klagenfurt) but still left with the October flight.

Udinese aren't too far from Trieste and they're in Serie A- think they're also in the UEFA Cup but are playing at home on the 24/9

We've looked into other games and found:

NK Publikum Celje (Slovenia) v Maccabi Haifa to be the best option (though Tom is up for driving to Split)!

As flights are already paid for going to sit on them for now as there's no rush to do anything - if I don't do the Publikum game I thought a trip to Italy in Nov/Dec for a Serie A game would do me.

LeeB also left with flights in Oct - he can't take holiday then so has rebooked for Sept. I thinkt hose Trieste flights rae going to be 3/4 empty.

i can't change my flight at aall and it is possible a mate will be visiting wiht me so the publinke one is best for me (he'll stay at the hotel!)


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