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FAO anyone who has not yet changed their flights

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--- Quote from: Tetti on September  2, 2003, 08:27:02 pm ---We must be notified prior to your rental. if you wish to take a car into an eastern european country then you must request this at the time of rental as it is on request and you may be refused.

I seem to remember they take phoen bookings too, will check for the number so we could get  a name and confirmation in person.

An intermediate is usally a Mondeo / vectra type, so depending on the leg room required ( im short) that should be fine for 5 I think?  Big chaps in the front, so me and Dan W in the back I reckon.

--- End quote ---

it looks like 5 on the way back so a clio or similar is not practicable. Vectra/Mondeo is ideal. I think a phone call is best.

I dont mind who pays. whats the phone number?



--- Quote from: Tetti on September  2, 2003, 09:05:53 pm ---Done

--- End quote ---

nice one terri


UEFA I mean, kinell doesn't a draw mean anything anymore :'(
No way can I go on the earlier dates
Oh well I got it booked on Ryanair right after the draw was made, so I've only lost 46. was going to stay with friends in both Trieste & Llubjana, so at least i never wated me money on hotels too.
shite shite shite

Nige, why not go anyway and just visit your friends  :wave


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