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Amazon's 'Wheel of Time' (series based on Jordan's novels)

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(Edit: can't seem to get the link to the trailer to work in flash tags for some reason, so have a pic of the main characters instead:


Starts on Amazon Prime from the 19th November.

For those who don't the books, it's a very, very lengthy fantasy epic spread across more than a dozen books which draws heavily on Arthurian myths. The author actually died before finishing the series.

I was hugely into the series when it first started but felt it gradually lost its way and became increasingly 'padded' as Jordan struggled with telling stories from different viewpoints, something Martin managed a bit more successfully with his Game of Thrones. So I suppose the interesting part will be on how well this is adapted and what cuts are made to tighten the story up and make it easier to follow.

I'm looking forward to this, like with GoT i'm coming into this without any knowledge of the story.

I don't think i'll bother with the books, like i did with GoT right after season 1.

Amazon have throw loads of dosh at this show, should be a epic tv show.

It's been years since I've read the books, and I've avoided the coverage of the making of this up til now, but I can still recognise a lot of things in the trailer so it's a good sign in so far as catching the feel of the world Jordan wrote. Cautiously optimistic so long as there's not extended scenes of someone just tugging at their own ponytail.

Andy @ Allerton!:
Terrible, terrible books.

Just felt so contrived. I was a bit miffed as the first one wasn't too bad, so I bought the lot.

Just so poor. Can't hold a candle the Midkemia Magician series (Raymond E. Feist), Lord of the Rings (Tolkein), Belgariad (David Eddings), Malazan (Steven Ericson), Thomas Covenant Series (Stephen Donaldson), A Song of Ice and Fire  (George RR Martin), Spellsinger (Alan Dean Foster) - I know a couple of those had been made into films/series - but I'd love to see the others before the Wheel of TIme.

Andy @ Allerton!:
This is the Trailer (for Zeb as he couldn't get it to work?)


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