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The last 4 Bowl Games are on.

I think Notre Dame are getting their butt royally kicked by Ohio State in the Tostitos Bowl. 

Brady Quinn my arse.

(Always funny to see a prestigious school getting their butt kicked!  ;D)

they did ok in the end - one touhcdown brought back which made a huge difference - had they got that and tightened up slighlty for that last ohio drive then they might have done it.

If charlie weiss can do that to a team in one year what will ND be like in 3 years?????

better still - georgie 14-0 down after 9 minutes and west virginia have the ball again :D

Ohio State beat ND 34-20, and the scoreline flattered Notre Dame.  If it weren't for a Buckeyes turnover on the ND 8 yard line and two blocked field goals that game is a total rout.

West Virginia and Georgia is one HECK of a game.

I thought Brady Quinn was ok. In the second half, he completed nearly all of his passes. There were also some pretty bad drops from the Irish receivers.

Also, it's pretty difficult playing against Hawk and the rest of that defence.

Troy Smith looked really good though.


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