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Baggies away Sun 16/5 16:30. Oh I do like stroll along the prom...

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Come on Redmen!!
Well we beat that mob last night and there were many strong performances. Rhys and Nat did well for most of the match. All the front six worked hard and pressed the life out of them and Robby and Trent both looked dangerous throughout the match.
So onto West Brom. I put the prom line in the title because when I started going to the match regularly in the early seventies it was one of my favourite chants and used to make me smile. Unfortunately WBA players were on the receiving end of racist chants too but that is another story. I have only been to The Hawthorns once and quite liked it as a quaint ground with a decent standing area behind the goal for the away fans, and we won.
They have nothing to play for but have a couple of dangerous players we need to keep our eye on. We really should be able to beat these.
Our bench was weird yesterday with no Milner, Ox or Keita, I must assume they are all injured. If so, our options to rotate are limited except Sadio is likely to start again as he can use his anger to good effect.
A win by two clear goals is my prediction.
What are you thinking?

Not many other games that could give us a bigger boost going into this game than last night... Mane hat-trick. ;D

We have struggled this season against teams like West Brom, and they will be confident after their draw at Anfield in December.  Add in they have nothing to play for now except pride, so it could be a tricky game and hard fought.

Would go the same as last night, maybe Kabak over Williams if fit.

Hope we batter them but can see it being tough, would want a two goal lead before feeling confident!

Classic banana skin game following a performance like last night. West Brom will have the shackles off and Fat Sam loves getting one over on us.

If we do everything right again, we will win. That golden ticket is within grasp.


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