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Capon Debaser:
Turns (Not gonna say whether it was in or Out as it might not have been either or both) but, as it happens,or didnt, it was or wasnt likely that the thing i had, or didnt, that mightve been mine or, not, which ive never even seen or had in my posession was maybe stolen from a thing or person i dont know of that happens to be a friend i dont care for or am actually aware of cos i made them up.

The thing that hurts the most is, the trust i imagined i never put in theses  people.

To inturn never hurt me the way they i imagined they didnt do is difficult to take.

Im Heartbroken

I spoke to my Blow up sex doll and she said nothing. Think she mightve farted but the valves leaking air

I never knew Trump posted on here .....

afc turkish:

--- Quote from: SamLad on December  3, 2021, 12:41:47 am ---I never knew Trump posted on here .....

--- End quote ---

Andy does, though...


El Lobo:
Heihachi no idea what you're tekken about


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