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Holidays - UK or abroad?

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Gerry Attrick:

--- Quote from: Dim Glas@xmas on December 10, 2021, 06:09:58 pm ---Flew from the US to UK (via Iceland) a couple weeks ago and back to the US (via Iceland) yesterday.

Would happily never fly again, or maybe just one trip, to fly me out of here for good  ;D

Icing on the shitcake was my bag getting lost by Icelandair  :-\

By the way, one very noticable thing - US security and immigration, casual as anything. Easiest in and out of the country Iíve ever had.  At JFK, going through security - everything left in bags, no interest whatsover.  Coming back, quick glance at the passports, and off you go.

And the forms you have to sign to attest you have tested negative and have been vaccinated, not arsed about that, no one asked to see them.

On the way out of the UK, they where more Ďon the ballí, or at least Icelandair where, needing to upload results of a negative test a few hours before departure and then showing them again at check-in.

As for the tests, it was still just lateral flow that was needed after we arrived. Then on the way back, US changed it form needing it 72 hours or less before, to 24 hours or less. That was a bit stressful, thanks to the company we got tests form -, and their contrasting info. We got an email after registering the tests saying they had to be Ďobservedí. NO mention of this before, and we litterally where doing them 23 hours before leaving. So after panicing for a bit, we just did them and followed the on screen instructions. And all was find. So they donít need to be observed  ::)  Idiots.

Oh we also switched tests by mistake, cos we where doing two at once, and no fucker at Medicspot noticed, being automated and oh so easy to abuse the system of course

--- End quote ---

I could be wrong but it seems like the UK and it's 'friends' are doing a reciprocal approach whereby the country you leave does the heavy lifting so to speak and the country you're travelling to takes it on face value that they've gone through their processes already. Hence why you had more scrutiny leaving Britain than you would arriving I think.

Came back to ireland from Zambia last week under a wee bit of stress due to possible pending restrictions. Got a local PCR test for $30 (paid $140 in Ireland for the same test before I went so guess someone is making a nice margin on that) and was asked to show the negative results before boarding at Zambia then again at Ethiopa and again in Sweden. Yep my ass was killing me at this stage but on arrival into Dublin all they wanted to know was did I have alcohol or cigarettes in my luggage. :butt Beggars to belief when all I was reading on RTE the week prior was I better have the PCR results in hand and dont be surprised if I would be isolating at home or even in a hotel in quaratine.


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