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Holidays - UK or abroad?

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The Covid thread sort of got hijacked this morning with discussions about holidays.

Now, I have enjoyed some really nice breaks in the UK, we go to Haven in Prestatyn around Easter, a place near Skipton in September for our anniversay/lads birthday and lounge in a hot tub and we've been the lakes for Christmas.

The UK has some lovely scenery however the weather can be really shite, and for me, nothing can beat waking up to a warm sunny clear morning, sitting outside to eat breakfast without the sounds of next doors kid, chilling at a bar in Greece with its own pool, or walking along a clean beach and walking and swimming in warm, clean water.

I don't mind a UK city break, and liked going away with the dog in the UK, but if I had to pick between the UK or abroad then the latter wins it every time.

The change in culture is the biggest thing for me.  Always enjoy going back home, but itís good to get away from the humdrum of every day reality for a while

Crosby Nick:
Until I went off to uni I think Iíd only had two holiday abroad with my parents. We used to go to north Wales and then Scotland.

So now I appreciate and enjoy a bit of time in the sun and the kids love it. My wifeís a teacher and in laws are in Northern Ireland so get some weeks there in the summer too just so they get to experience a miserable, wet summer with nothing to do like I had to. :D

I have always though the west coast and islands of Scotland would be good to visit, just never managed to persuade he rest of my family.

Son of Spion:
If I had to choose one or the other, then it's abroad every time.

Britain is such poor value for money and the weather is incredibly hit and miss. Having said that, we do like short breaks here. City breaks to take in gigs have been brilliant in places such as Bristol and Leeds. A few days in the Lakes or North Wales is also lovely and we'd like to see the Scottish Highlands. Mind you, we tend to do those kinds of stays in winter rather than at peak season in summer.

For proper holidays it's always abroad though. Better weather, far better value for money and, sad to say, often much nicer people. We love snorkelling, and as much as there are some nice places to do this in the UK, the water is freezing. You just can't beat snorkelling in crystal clear, warm water in southern Europe or the Caribbean.

We've written this year off as far as holidays are concerned, though.


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