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My brother in law, a chef who spent some time in Germany, told me some years ago about the German Purity Law. Apparently, the Germans take their beer very seriously, and don't take kindly to additives and preservatives.

Anyway, his theory was that if you drink beer with additives and so on, it isn't good for your body, your buzz or your condition the following morning. Having undertaken some careful study in the five or so years since then, I concur. So, some tips to better beer drinking.

Most draught lager you get in bars is piss. If you are in England, this counts double. Seriously, how do you people drink that shit?

Heineken, Carlsberg, Amstel, Kronenbourg etc are all piss. Budweiser makes them all taste like mothers milk. Put it back in the fucking horse. Ask yourself, why don't any of these beers have the ingredients on them?

Only drink beer from bottles or cans where the ingredients are clearly marked on the outside. These should be water, hops, malt, barley, you know, proper farm stuff. If the ingredients include something you've never heard of, it's piss.

The best places to buy beer are the discount super stores like Aldi or Lidl. They sell cheap, excellent beer with the ingredients clearly marked.

Don't be put off by not having heard of the beer you're considering buying. Just check for the ingredients.

These tips may have no basis in fact but they have served me well, and kept my hangover count ridiculously low. There is no reason why we can't be selective about beer, the same way that people are about wine.


No hangover with German beer.

First choice for me, if no Guinness.

Phil M:

I became quite partial to the above in Athens.   :hally :lickin

Im drinking a can of Carlsberg now. Just says 'contains malted barley'.


--- Quote from: Emlyn18 on June 19, 2007, 05:20:16 pm ---Im drinking a can of Carlsberg now. Just says 'contains malted barley'.

--- End quote ---

Does it tell you what else it contains? Horse piss? Extract of lead?


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