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Coming to uni in liverpool next season and will be hoping to get to a few European away's, don't facy going myself though an currently don't know anyone who goes on European aways so will need to find some people to mingle with, hopefully will find some decent ppl to have a bash with
Will it be fairly easy to get a ticket for an away from the start of next season?

The form has changed... Or am I missing something?

Hello guys. A few minutes ago, Liverpool was drawn to play Trabzonspor, a team from the north of Turkey. Since I'm a Liverpool fan based in Istanbul, I'd like to go to Trabzon to see the reds, but I'm not sure how I can proceed with the tickets. I want to watch the game with Liverpudlians not Trabzonspor fans -as I had to do with Beşiktaş three years ago.

Can you give me brief information on what to do. (I have seen the form in the first reply of this thread, but I am not sure if I can send it and get the response on time, and if there is a faster and guaranteed way to do it, since we have only three weeks to go to the game)

Any help appreciated. Cheers.

You should be able to pick them up in Trabzon/wherever the players are staying.

Cheers for that  :)


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