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Djibril Cissť

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mate that was xavier playing up front for them tonight.

ready and abel.

Unless we sell a striker, I reckon Cisse would be a waste of money. There are other areas where we need to invest before we get another striker.

Brick Tamland:
Created the 3rd goal with pace and power, and a cool head.

Then went on to score the 4th.

Played really well tonight.

Impressive player, but we would need to offload another.  I don't think anyone can adequately keep Owen, Baros, Heskey, Diouf and Cisse happy without playing them out of position.  
I thought he was quite keen on us some time ago, but now seems to have lost interest and mentioned manure and the arse...

Paul Tomkins:
Well, Diouf is now a midfielder - let's stick with that. Baros is only getting better. Emile can be back up as a striker or as a midfielder, or sold if we can get a good price. Cisse has EH's physical attributes, but is quicker and a far better finisher.


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